Direct Oral Anticoagulant Testing

Aniara offers a comprehensive line of reagents, calibrators, controls,
and buffers for the testing of Direct Oral Anticoagulants.

These products are for Research Use Only in the United States.

The BIOPHEN and HEMOCLOT lines are composed of chromogenic and clotting assays respectively.

There is a new buffer available that neutralizes heparin present in the assay sample and renders a measurement specific for Direct Xa Inhibitors.

LMWHUFHOrgaran and other Sodium DanaparoidArixtra and other PentasaccharidesRivaroxabanApixabanEdoxabanDabigatranArgatrobanHirudin
BIOPHEN Heparin LRTLiquid chromogenic assay for anti-Xa.
BIOPHEN HeparinLyophilized chromogenic assay for anti-Xa.
BIOPHEN DiXalChromogenic assay for direct anti-Xa.
HEMOCLOT Thrombin InhibitorsClotting assay for direct anti-lla.
BIOPHEN DTIChromogenic assay for direct anti-lla.